areas of focus and key activities


create an environment of continuous learning & improvement


educating & exposing individuals & groups to the benefits
of yoga


engage, support & partner with individuals/organizations to unite yoga providers

Host workshops for local yoga practitioners and teachers.

Host teacher trainings to augment current community offerings.

Provide classes at a reasonable rate for the community.

Establish a teacher training
scholarship fund.
Providing low or no-cost yoga
to the community.

Connecting/providing qualified instructors with opportunities to serve the community.

Create a local provider directory.

Partner with yoga studios
and teachers.

Partner with local businesses.

Our Goals

1. To provide low or no-cost asana, pranayama and meditation guidance on a volunteer basis that reaches all corners of our community regardless of the geographic, economic, or physical state of practitioners.

2. To unite as a community to raise funds for organizations and people we feel exemplify the ideals of yoga, even when not directly yoga-related.

3. To establish a scholarship program for yoga teacher training for individuals in our community we feel show promise as community leaders.