This page is used for registration for select special events only. All of the regularly scheduled classes and events that are on our Calendar are offered at a drop-in and first come, first serve basis, unless noted.

Learn More Series

A series of continuing education workshops for teachers and serious students of yoga. Each session will offer an opportunity to earn CEU’s (Continued Education Units) at a reasonable cost, with the added benefit of keeping you close to home! The workshops themselves will bring high quality instruction, presented in a condensed, but easily digestible format. The teachers will be from our own dynamic yoga community, as well as teachers known to us regionally. The hope is that as teachers and students of yoga, we continue to grow and “learn more” together!

Yoga, Arts & Activism: A Weekend with Faith Hunter and Hawah Kasat

Ninja Training with Faith Hunter and Hawah Kasat

Saturday, August 16th 10:30-1pm

Are you able to see in the dark? Can you step without making a sound? This flowing, playful yoga and kung fu sequence will take you to the limits of your senses while combining kriyas from a diversity of ancient traditions. Increase your awareness of how various muscle groups interact and discover new ways to balance and fall down! A creative, hilarious, and healthy challenge accessible to all. No previous martial arts experience is required.

Cost: $30.  Must pre-register and pre-pay by 8/13.

PYR Presents: Learn More! Hatha Yoga:The Art and Science to Pranayama, Meditation and Enlightenment with Faith Hunter and Hawah Kasat

Saturday, August 16th 3-6pm

Take yourself deeper into understanding the historical narrative of Hatha Yoga. We’ll examine it’s roots and what distinguishes Hatha Yoga from other branches of yoga, as well as dissect the role of karma in our lives. This philosophical exploration will transition into practicum as we dive into Pranayama practice, testing a range of ancient breathing techniques passed down by sages for thousands of years. These methods channel your Prana and ultimately will serve to deepen your physical asana and meditation practice. We’ll end with a deep meditation and time for questions and answers.

Cost: $30.  Must pre-register and pre-pay by 8/13.

Spiritually Fly with Faith Hunter and Hawah Kasat

Sunday, August 17th 10-12:30pm

A creative blend of yoga postures, breath, and soulful music that will awaken, ignite and stimulate your highest self. The practice will include dharma talk, pranayama, flowing vinyasa infused with kundalini kriyas, and inspirational standing, balancing and inversion postures. In closing, you will drop into the depths of hips, delicious restorative, and meditation.

Cost: $30.  Must pre-register and pre-pay by 8/13.