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Learn More Series

A series of continuing education workshops for teachers and serious students of yoga. Each session will offer an opportunity to earn CEU’s (Continued Education Units) at a reasonable cost, with the added benefit of keeping you close to home! The workshops themselves will bring high quality instruction, presented in a condensed, but easily digestible format. The teachers will be from our own dynamic yoga community, as well as teachers known to us regionally. The hope is that as teachers and students of yoga, we continue to grow and “learn more” together!

PYR Presents: Learn More! Yama, Niyama and the Path to Freedom with J Miles

Saturday, September 20th 3:00-6:00PM

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a guidebook for those along the path of Yoga. It tells us directly what yoga is, how to achieve this state and what to look out for as we strive to reach our highest potential. We’ll begin the session with a mindful hatha practice, followed by an exploration of the Sutras as a group, discussing key concepts such as Abhyasa (practice) Vairagya (non-attachment), Yama, Niyama and the Eight Limbs. We will also devote special attention to sutra 2:46 stira sukham asanam, and how asana becomes the posture you take in life.

Cost: $30.  Must pre-register and pre-pay by 9/17.

*No refunds given.