This page is used for registration for select special events only. All of the regularly scheduled classes and events that are on our Calendar are offered at a drop-in and first come, first serve basis, unless noted.

Learn More Series

A series of continuing education workshops for teachers and serious students of yoga. Each session will offer an opportunity to earn CEU’s (Continued Education Units) at a reasonable cost, with the added benefit of keeping you close to home! The workshops themselves will bring high quality instruction, presented in a condensed, but easily digestible format. The teachers will be from our own dynamic yoga community, as well as teachers known to us regionally. The hope is that as teachers and students of yoga, we continue to grow and “learn more” together!

Learn More! A Mandala Celebration For Gratefulness with Sonja Stoeckli

Saturday, November 15th 3:00-6:00PM

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for sacred circle. Mandalas are used for healing purposes in many cultures around the world. The creation of a Mandala is a personal journey, which invokes a representation of your inner light.

Inspirational yoga teacher, Sonja Stoeckli, encourages her students to find a deeper awareness of the connection of mind, body and spirit. In her Mandala Workshops, she will guide you through a restorative, meditative yoga practice. Embracing the concept of gratitude in every moment, each participant will create a sacred Mandala. We will be using materials provided by the instructor who studied with the late Judith Cornel, Ph.D. a world-renowned pioneer for the sacred art of creation of healing Mandalas.

Cost: $30. Must pre-register and pre-pay by 11/12.

*No refunds given.

Learn More! Yoga Anatomy Intensive: For Yoga Teachers and Dedicated Students with Dr. Ariele Foster

Saturday, December 20th 3:00-6:00PM

Join Dr. Ariele Foster (physical therapist and interdisciplinary yoga teacher since 2001) in this deep study of anatomy and alignment with heart.  Learning anatomy can and should be playful, fun and applicable to your yoga practice or yoga teaching.
This Intensive explores:
- The Art of Anatomy-Based Sequencing (for teaching or for home asana practice)
- Harnessing reflexes, Contract-Relax, and Muscle Energy techniques
- The Science of Seeing Students (refined vision of the limiting factor(s))
Adjustment Toolbox: press points, energetic sweeps, active and passive assists
- Preventing injury in both teaching and practice
- Preparing students for true breakthroughs
This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and dedicated students of yoga. CEUs are available.

Cost: $30. Must pre-register and pre-pay by 12/17.

*No refunds given.