Do I need my own mat? How about other props?

It’s a great idea for sanitary reasons to have your own mat. We do have mats and props to use in classes. We are happy to lend you a mat; however we ask that you wipe down your mat with cleaner provided after class.

Can I come to class at PYR when ill?

Since yoga practice often involves sharing space with others and breathing deeply in that space, we respectfully ask that if you are under the weather, that you take this time to practice at home.

I left something at the studio. How do I retrieve it?

Our lost and found is located in the closet in the larger bathroom at PYR. Just check in there the next time you visit. Please note, we only hold items for a month before clearing out the closet and donating items to charity. Smaller or expensive items such as jewelry are held in the staff office, so please check with staff to retrieve these items.

How do I register for classes? Do I need to pre-register? What about registration for special events?

Most regular classes on the schedule are drop in. All regularly scheduled yoga classes are pay-what-you-can! We suggest an amount of $10 per class, or pay what you are able. We never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay.  We accept class amounts in the form of cash or card and accept all major credit and debit cards. For special events and workshops, we strongly advise (and often require) pre-registration. We do have minimums to meet for visiting instructors and series, so if you’re interested in attending it’s a great idea to register as soon as you can to ensure the event happens! We do cancel events if minimums aren’t met. We regret that pre-registration fees cannot be refunded.

For all events and classes we ask that you arrive no less than 10 minutes prior to the start time. This ensures your space and gives you time to check in and inform the instructor of any needs before the session begins. The doors are locked at the beginning of class to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to accommodate latecomers to our studio classes and events.

Is it okay if I bring my child?

For classes open to all levels, children are welcome if they are able to remain in the room and practice along with you. You will need to sign a release and waiver of liability for your child. For some events like heated classes, inversion workshops and acro-yoga, unless it’s specifically mentioned that children are allowed, we ask that kids stay at home.

Where does the money from classes and events at PYR end up?

Your dollars make a difference! PYR regularly provides classes free of charge or at very low cost to individuals in the community. We pay our teachers who teach both in-house and off site a stipend for their time, fuel, and effort. We also donate time (and occasionally, money) to outside organizations. Some program classes are one-time; some are ongoing; some run with the regular school year. You can learn more about our outreach programs on our site. Finally, we maintain a clean, well-stocked, and inviting space at Project Yoga Richmond where we pride ourselves on making people feel at home! Since PYR is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, you may also make a donation that is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Do you have parking available? How about bicycle/scooter lockup?

Yes, we have on-street parking as well as several spaces alongside the building. There are several open spaces near the property as well. Behind the building, there is also a large bicycle rack available for use to lock up your bike or scooter.

I’m looking for a beginner’s class. What do you recommend?

All of our classes are appropriate for all levels, including beginners. If you are nervous, look for classes with “gentle,” “meditative,” “slow,” or “beginner” in the title or description. If you have specific health concerns or need for special accommodations in any class, such as props, chairs, etc., please let the instructor know prior to class. And remember, in any class, you can always modify or leave out any postures or movements that cause pain or don’t feel right to your body. We ask you to inform the instructor of any difficulties encountered during class immediately so the instructor might help address the concern.

I’m an instructor and I want to be a part of Project Yoga Richmond. How can I help?

Attend any class, workshop, or event. Help promote events we hold at the studio via social media and in your classes and social circles. Offer to assist with check-in at our regular classes and events. Offer to teach a free class through Project Yoga Richmond. Help clean and organize the studio before or after class. Share ideas with us for serving the community. Become an Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are asked to offer 2-3 hours of service a month– they can be fulfilled in any of the above mentioned ways, along with other ways. We do require instructors teaching through PYR to hold certification in their discipline (yoga, hooping, Pilates, etc) and also to have their own liability insurance.

I’m not an instructor, but I would love to help out as a Volunteer. What can I do?

We get asked all the time by our friends and students how they might be helpful to PYR or support the work we do. We are fortunate to have some great volunteers behind our operations. If you’re interested in volunteering or you would like more information, email us at info@projectyogarichmond.org! Here are some easy ways you can help.

  • Marketing/Promotion: When you receive our e-newsletter, share it with friends. Invite a friend to class. Share our Facebook posts. Post PYR Flyers at your work or community center! (Please ask permission first!) Write a review at Meetup.com or on Facebook!
  • Studio Help: Help organize the yoga props by folding blankets, stacking blocks, or cleaning and rolling mats. Help tidy up or clean the studio. Help with check-in. (For details on this, email us!) Donate a little extra $$ once a month!
  • Programs: Share your ideas with us for new programs! Let people know the good work we’re doing in the community! (Check out our “Programs” page on the website.)
I’d love to rent space from PYR to hold a special event. What do I do?

Note: We are currently limiting new rental agreements to those already in force.

Our small studio space (325 sf) is available for one-time private events only. We try to schedule rental at least one month (preferably longer) in advance. Please email info@projectyogarichmond.org to make your rental request. All rentals must be pre-approved by a member of PYR staff. Our rental rates are competitive and every dollar collected helps us further our mission! Please note that shoes are not allowed on the floors in either studio, so any event at PYR would need to be shoes-off.

Please note that Project Yoga Richmond has a “no solicitation” policy onsite. Please refrain from promoting personal business or group affiliation unless you have received express written permission from PYR staff. All literature will be removed unless permission to post has been granted.

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