Anne-Marie, a former higher education administrator, began practicing at PYR shortly after retirement when she found herself with more time for a regular yoga practice. She recently shared why she chooses to devote her time and resources to PYR.

Why did you decide to practice at PYR?
Practicing yoga has fundamentally affected how I go about my day-to-day life. I like to think it’s in a kinder, gentler way. It soon became apparent to me that such a practice, such an outcome, just for yourself, is kind of selfish. There is no group, no person who can’t derive the benefits that yoga can give. I can afford a gym membership, and I can afford the time. But what about those who cannot?

How does PYR’s mission come into play? 
Learning about PYR during this personal journey resonated with my sense of what I needed to give back from my own practice. I attend Mindful Movement on Thursdays. The class is made up of people with a wide range of physical and developmental abilities. While I participate in that class in a traditional way, every other person there is practicing in a way that benefits them. Their postures may look different, but there is no one who doesn’t come out feeling better about themselves in the world.

Why do you support PYR financially in addition to practice at the studio?
I support PYR through practice in the studio and at Saturday Salutations but that doesn’t adequately compensate the organization for what it’s doing to benefit other groups in the community. So as I looked at my ability to give above and beyond, it quickly became one of my preferred community organizations. An organization can have a wonderful mission and purpose but if beautiful staff and volunteers don’t center it, it won’t be genuine. You can’t help but love everyone at PYR. There’s a basic goodness and love that emanates.

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