Have you unrolled you mat with us on Thursday nights? Our Class of the Month is True North: Thursdays at 5:30-6:45 pm with rotating instructors, Sara Lovelace and Michele Nierle!

Here is a special interview with Michele on what the practice means to her:

What first brought you to the practice?

A deep desire to connect with my body in relationship with my heart.

Yoga returns me to truth and possibilities. It doesn’t sugar-coat my experience, yet it offers choice, lets me know that it is all workable and relational. I am shown again and again that I can receive life when I open myself up to it.

How do you think yoga benefits the world today?

Mindfulness on our mats connects us with our own hearts, becoming friends with both our own barriers to love and seeing our great capacity for love, and that love is here for us always. As we become friends with all of our Being, we are compassionately more available in life.  Yoga offers the world compassion.

When and Why did you first start practicing at PYR?

What drew me to PYR is its community programs, to help empower individuals by making yoga accessible to so many.

Why do you practice and/or teach at PYR?

Because it doesn’t exclude anyone, plus it just plain feels good to be among so many supportive and whole-hearted people. Through PYR’s continued altruism, I am nudged and inspired to show up for life and go where I am needed. That’s pretty big.

What impacts do you see PYR making in the community?

I see PYR continuing to offer accessible yoga to so many who may not have access to it.  I see how they partner with other organizations to widen the scope of opportunity for so many to experience the transformational power of yoga. I see how they continue to learn and grow as an organization, which includes offering workshops to enhance our aspiration for true inclusivity.

What has been one of your favorite moments teaching True North at PYR?

There is not a specific moment, but I love noise in class once in a while:  the occasional yawn, a deep sigh of letting go, laughter! That people can have a place to release through the body, including through the mouth, is something I cherish.

What is special about the community that comes to this class?   

The participants’ courage is so inspiring!  They come through that door not knowing what they’re going to get, and they are willing to open their hearts to be with whatever arises physically and emotionally and move with it and through it.   

We can’t wait for it to be Thursday again to unroll our mat during this special class with Michele and Sara! More about True North:

True North with Michele and Sara is an all-levels hatha class with opportunities to slow down, center, and explore creatively! 

Thursdays 5:30-6:45 pm at PYR
Rotating Instructors: Sara Lovelace and Michele Nierle
Sara teaches the 1st and 3rd Thursday every month
Michele teaches the 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month
Michele and Sara co-teach the 5th Thursday of every month

Class Schedule

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