Dear Friends,

We at Project Yoga Richmond continue to monitor the rapidly evolving circumstances around COVID-19 and its impact on our community and beyond. We value your health above all else and the yogic principle of ahimsa (non-harming) guides us in all our decisions. So it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the PYR studio will close until further notice.

We know that many in our community seek solace in our studio and value the steadfast guidance and support of the PYR Ambassadors. PYR also depends on your financial contributions at our pay-what-you-can studio to fund a multitude of community outreach programs, expanding access to yoga and mindfulness for everyone in every corner of our city.

In an effort to maintain community while following recommendations for social distancing, we launched an online membership platform where you can remotely access yoga and mindfulness content from your beloved PYR ambassadors. As a member, you’ll receive regular content to support your practice at home and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.

Once you activate your membership, you’ll be notified of new content as soon as it’s posted. Stay tuned as we begin to post special offerings later this week.

Our community is strong and I have no doubt that we will weather this season together. We hope you’ll choose to support us with an online membership or by contributing directly on our website.

I appreciate your continued flexibility and support of Project Yoga Richmond as we work to ensure the well-being of all in our community.


Nitika Achalam
Interim Executive Director

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